NRIs – Non Resident Indians all around globe are looking for investing in India. They are exploring their additional global aspects to invest in India as most of the NRIs wish to build an India focused portfolio in accordance to their financial plan. But in the meanwhile, they have no guidance and no idea to invest in the right direction. They want to invest in India as a sort of their financial plan.

During the entire process, NRIs have to go through different constraints to get registry and have to fill taxes for the property investments in India. But a proper guide can help the NRIs to get properties under the right guidance following the legal authorities of India. There is a need of appropriate advisory and step by step execution. In the non home market, they are unaware of the facilities they can avail. But financial advisors and consultants have deep knowledge of the facts and figures of legal laws.

Due to lack of awareness, they are unable to explore resources available for them. Now, My Men in India is offering special NRI Corporate Services for people who are living in abroad and looking for corporate financial plan in India.  With the advisory and consulting services, people can deal efficiently with the investments in India otherwise they would have to face many constraints.

At My Men in India, we offer a diverse range of growth opportunities, constructive demographics followed by a predominant consumption story. It offers financial growth and increase savings rates.  Considering the NRI demands and requirements, we provide NRI Financial Services in India. People can get in house property consultancy, have proper documentary, registry of the property and all taxation services.

Now we are professional financial consultants available for NRIs to meet different needs and requirements. We deliver exclusive financial and corporate investment solutions in order to get long term wealth solutions. Our team is gathered together with professional tax consultants and lawyers for helping and supporting our NRI clients to invest in a better way to reap the fruits of the properties later on.

We have a team of financial professional who can handle all finance related tasks –

  • Income tax related matters (Tax filing, PAN Card etc).
  • Government office related work (Aadhar Card, Passport, VISA).
  • Managing Company formation / Accounting / Finance processes.
  • Managing tax, compliance and other services for NRI’s or companies.
  • Support in getting Bank loans (i.e. – Home, Personal etc).