My Men in India offers complete property investment services to NRIs.  Now buy or sell residential and commercial properties in India and get proper assistance to avail low interest rate on home loans applied from different Indian banks.  We suggest deals that suit your budgets and offer a great return in long run.  We welcome NRI Indians to buy property anywhere in India.  Since decades, the progress and development of Indian residency and commercial market is on peak level. Now it is vital advice to NRIs to invest in properties in India.

Real Estate Industry is always on hike in India. So, 70% of the investors are looking forward to invest in Indian real estate markets. It explores several benefits and it also offers an advantage of greater dividends. For heavy advantages in real estate business, different Indian banks are offering special schemes and funds to the investors. We are hereby exploring the latest updated information about property investment in India and meet regularly with investment bankers to know the legal benefits for NRI people.

Get in touch with us and explain your requirement with one of our expert guardian who will assist you with the accurate information related to property investment.  Let us begin investing in numerous townships, shopping malls, commercial and residential plots. Now you don’t need to worry about property investment services, we have a list of buildings available in different regions of India.

With our complete association of property investment services, our team of property advisors manages and maintains the property for years without any hassle.  Get corporate with our professional real estate investing agents. They will advise you the best property site to invest in and assist you in the entire procedure.

We provide a wide range of advisory and consulting services to some of the most prominent real estate investors in the country, including developers, REITs, high net-worth individuals, pension fund advisors and other institutions. Our advisory services include –

  • Asset analysis and opinion on fair value.
  • Property operations analysis.
  • Specific asset buy-sell strategy.
  • Portfolio Strategy by property type
  • Market and submarket analysis.
  • Portfolio Strategy by property type.
  • Development and redevelopment feasibility studies.

Legal and title due diligence of property and is mentioned in “Property Management”.

There is a team of Lawyers and professional working on Property segment.