NRI wish to invest in properties in India, but due to hassle of maintaining and maintenance, most of the people afraid to invest. My Men in India offers an effective and reliable property management services. If you are concerning about property management issues, then consult with NRI property advisor or consultant.

Bringing all property management solutions including property, tenant, site monitoring followed by all legal formalities, we deliver professional property maintenance services in India. We update you regularly with all the activities and progress related to property. Our Team of professional Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Independent professionals are here to take complete care of all property management issues in India.

We take proper obligation of all your property assets in India in spite of location for NRIs. Also, we follow a proper documentary behind the entire procedure. Whether, it is a rental or tenancy agreement, registration of agreement and revisions, documents related to paperwork or legal work related to property, our team is well skilled and responsible to keep property maintenance for years.

Now get rid of all property investment issues in India. We welcome NRIs to invest for properties in India. We will manage all property registries, documentary, tax laws and all legal support during sale and purchase of any property in India. We can help in selling and purchasing property in India.  In accordance to this, we work on basic tenant management with tenant hunting. Also, we give association in loan processing for the property and a proper survey request will be organized for the property.

My Men in India offers a great relief to the NRI people living in abroad. Now don’t afraid to invest in properties and avail the in house property management services in Mumbai, India.  We are team of NRIs situated in Singapore, Thailand and US established an organization to support NRIs who face several constraints in India while selling or purchasing a property, but in general, there is variety of services available for Non Resident Indians. They are unaware of the relaxation for them which they can get to know from professional consultants and chartered accountants. Now feel free from several tax or registry issues in India, My Men in India is here to help you all the time with on time property maintenance services.

All requirement related to property can be managed by a team of professionals (CA, Lawyers, Independent professionals).

  • Rental/ Tenancy Agreement.
  • Registration of agreement and revision if any.
  • Paperwork’s& Legal work related to property.
  • Managing in between Tenancy.
  • Support during buying and selling.