Indian economy is emerging day by day. Due to high population in India and regular high rate of consumption, all investors are attracting towards India to invest. But it is difficult for an investor to make decisions sitting miles away. My Men in India offers feasible investment options for those investors who are residing abroad and want to invest in India properties. Here, with the support of our experienced professional in the field of taxing, documentary and real estate, we are offering extensive in house research by recommending the best opportunities to invest at the right place.

Our Services:

A professional property management and maintenance services at My Men in India will deliver you a complete documentary of cash management including working capital, financial and forecasting.  Our expert Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Tax Professionals will make you successful with a managed and organized procedure. We will assist you in the continuous growth and development of a business.

Financial and Corporate Services

We have a team of financial professional who can handle all finance related tasks –

  • Income tax related matters (Tax filing, PAN Card etc).
  • Government office related work (Aadhar Card, Passport, VISA).
  • Managing Company formation / Accounting / Finance processes.
  • Managing tax, compliance and other services for NRI’s or companies.
  • Support in getting Bank loans (i.e. – Home, Personal etc).

Property Management

All requirement related to property can be managed by a team of professionals (CA, Lawyers, Independent professionals).

  • Rental/ Tenancy Agreement.
  • Registration of agreement and revision if any.
  • Paperwork’s & Legal work related to property.
  • Managing in between Tenancy.
  • Support during buying and selling.

Property Investment Services

We provide a wide range of advisory and consulting services to some of the most prominent real estate investors in the country, including developers, REITs, high net-worth individuals, pension fund advisors and other institutions. Our advisory services include –

  • Asset analysis and opinion on fair value.
  • Property operations analysis.
  • Specific asset buy-sell strategy.
  • Portfolio Strategy by property type
  • Market and submarket analysis.
  • Portfolio Strategy by property type.
  • Development and redevelopment feasibility studies.

Legal and title due diligence of property and is mentioned in “Property Management”.

There is a team of Lawyers and professional working on Property segment.

Document Procurement

Certificate from Government offices, Educational institutions, Hospitals like –

  • Birth certificate.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Death certificate.
  • Degree certificate.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Duplicate copy of certificates (i.e. – Mark Sheets etc).
  • Any other certificate.

Custom Solution

These can be arranged depending on requirement, some are listed as below –


  • Embassy Attestation of documents.
  • Visa Extension.

Health Services

We can solve your and your loved one health issues.

  • Search of good hospitals.
  • Taking advice from Doctors on behalf.
  • Taking your parents & relatives to hospital.

Gifts & Flowers

We can arrange gifts, cake & Flowers for your loved one in India on their special occasions –

  • Gifts.
  • Flowers.
  • Cake
  • Chocolates.

If you require more information onabove, just email us or call us with requirement and we will get back to you with best solution.

At MyMenInIndia (MMII), we assure you best service, solution with transparency, tracking and control system at a reasonable price.

It’s a one stop solution for all your queries.