We are a dedicated team of proficient Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants and Lawyers supported by independent professionals. We have association with various government organizations, legal authorities and hospitals. We are here to support the NRI client base to invest in India, financial and corporative support for NRIs as well as meeting all tax filing requirements for them.  Our team members are past NRIs and now settled down in Mumbai, India. Understanding the needs of NRI people on their own, we are therefore helping our NRI client base for different in house responsibilities.

Preeti Khandelwal (Partner)

Having decades of professional experience and proficiency in NRI consultancy, Preeti Khandelwal is now a top notch choice for NRI people for their financial and corporate matters in India.  She is a Chartered Accountant having professional experience in taxing and financial matters. She has specialization in professional financial and taxation consultancy.

With a prominent client base in India, Singapore and Thailand, we are exploring the means of property investment to them with the right approach with our valued advice.

She is dedicated and motivated professional works on safeguarding clients interest by ensuring compliance on regulatory front and providing the best solutions to related issues.

She manages the customer relationship and ensures transparency and timelines are fully met which is key while complying with financial and taxation requirement.

Vishnu Joshi (Partner)

Vishnu Joshi is an experienced and professional Chartered Accountant and a fellow member of ICAI. With more than 20 years of experience, he is expert in tackling various business issues in respect of financial, legal and corporate matters for companies and NRI individuals.

He is well known for a blend of radical and philosophical views. He combines technical professional subject with philosophy to provide a clear and different perspective on several complex legal and other matters.

A highly motivated individual with impeccable judgment and an innate ability to solve financial, legal, corporate matters has helped companies and individuals not only in India but abroad.

He always focus on creating synergies by means of amalgamation of different values to highly value added services offered to the client which strengthens trust and Long term relationship building.

Ms. Seema Joshi (Advocate)

Seema Joshi is a motivated, dedicated and experienced lawyer with 11 years’ of experience in the Domestic and International circles. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and completed her LLB in 2004.

She combines a personal approach with high professional standards and has handled many complex matters in the area of property, family, financial disputes and commercial clients.

She has extensive experience in a wide area of property and real estate transactions, including purchase and sale of shares or asset sale, and project development transactions.

In an era of liberalization, globalization and information technology explosion, legal profession plays a valuable and constructive role. The changes in the economic climate of the world have brought about a sea change in the role of a lawyer. The World is inching towards legislating global laws in many fields which are uniformly adopted throughout the world. We aim to achieve that objective by providing our clients with specialized service at a reasonable price.